My Farmer and Me…He can do just about anything…

18033405_4Trish35176566835604_2169413046045558072_nAs Ed wrote about it, Dabba had her baby yesterday, and gave me a scare. When I went out to get the cows for milking, I noticed a red calf with 2 of our “Momma” cows standing just outside the free stall. I knew then that Dabba was a new mom…then I saw her out at the very end of the pasture and could see that she had prolapsed. She actually tried to get up-righted, but couldn’t and I knew that was for the best at that point.

Went and got Ed to see what he could do for her. He has done the procedure before and with great results for the most part.  So I milked while he was performing his magic on Dabba, with great results.

Snapped the photo of ‘Trish’, the new babe when I walked back by her. Big long legged calf that has been easy to feed!

One Comment

  1. Trish is beautiful. So impressed with Ed’s quick action. Dabba is a lucky girl to live with someone so knowledgeable and willing to work to save her. In my next life I want to be a cow on the Gulley Farm. 😊



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