What I heard…

18034322_4bejosh farm36709863348941_3717965382220615291_nOn the radio yesterday morning, the DJ’s were talking about a new health report on how diet soda increases certain risks by big percentages!! Some callers into the station gave their ideas…not one being milk!!!

My question is where are my advertising dollars going?? There have been multiple opportunities just from the health benefit side, like how whole milk is a better choice… Say nothing about the bad light that has been cast over surgery drinks lately!

Should we not question the message? Is the place to advertise changed? Should social media or pod-casts replace say, a Time magazine or newspaper? Having heard this on the radio, is that the place? Are we really producing too much milk or is the other “P” not presenting it right?…Or is it a case of you want anything done and done right, gotta’ do it yourself?

If so, picture this: I am sitting out front of my free stall with a big pitcher of milk…I pour a big glass, constantly looking over my shoulder at all my cows crowding all behind me…I gulp down that glass of milk and start pouring another, looking straight into the camera, in a loud, deep voice I say, ‘ Could use a little help here…”

That would be dairy’s ‘where’s the beef’ moment… We need to make milk hip, kool, with it and farm out man!!!

One more thing while I am on a roll… Back a few weeks ago I had the idea that FFA or 4-H could run a website where local farmers could advertise things for sale…The idea had merit!!! Lancaster Farming paper now has a website they call ‘Locator” doing this type of thing and also includes dealers’ pages, auctions, breakdown by zip codes and more…Makes me think maybe need to learn how to use a computer!!!


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