18156905_43New fence7618363258091_7142987224712928208_nYesterday, jumped into high gear on fence fixing, spsring of 2017…Put up a new four strand of barbed wire to replace a section of page wire that, instead of being a mass of squares, is just a mass of holes patched together with baler twine sticks, you name it…just enough to make it through last winter. All because animals run in this area all winter.

This new fence was put on top of the bank so I will tear the old one down today, at the bottom. Also have been piling stone fill at the top edge of this bank son on a rain-out day this summer, will slope the bank, making for better water drainage from eavy rain storms. Since this is the pasture where larger heifers are housed during the winter, I should help make for an improved environment…

With plenty of wind over the last week, I have been listening to three chimes that are hanging in front of the milk house.  Two have passed the test, and today with a slight modification, I think number three will pass with next windy day, then have a fourth in what let’s call, construction, then we’ll video for every one to see.

Also made a deluxe version of the meditation bench, plus have located all the pieces for my tin-man; something I have wanted to do for years; just need those warm spring nights, a Yankee game on the radio and he will come to life… My goal is to preview him at Bedlam Farm Open House in June.

A big thank you to the encouragement on my ‘commercial’ idea in the ‘what I have heard’ post. If nothing else, we’ll all have a good laugh ’cause believe it or not, I wrote 3 ideas for 3 different commercials-type video, maybe could label them sequels. Thru the idea at Carol this morning over breakfast to discuss and we’re talk tweaking, now. Sometimes the best course of action is just throw shit at the wall and see if it sticks…

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