Best memories are farmRemember the first time you threw astone and broke a window or some other stupid trick? For me this time of year brings back that first time I tried to plow…

My parents had gone some where that early spring day, leaving this nine year old ‘ I can do anything’ jackass, in charge of the farm for the sunny afternoon!

Now most kids would get on their bike, maybe go fishing; pretty much goof off doing nothin… Not me…instead I got out the old Massey Harris 30 tractor, hooked onto some old two bottom plows we had and decided to plow up part of the barnyard, so we could have a big old garden, growing taters, some cukes, maybe even a batch of sweet corn instead of always eatin old field corn!

Knowing absolutely nothing about plowing, even though I had watched it being done since I could crawl, I pulled into the barnyard, shut the gate, dropped those suckers in and off we went…

Now, it was early spring and the cows weren’t on pasture yet so about 10 feet into plowing my garden, I came to a sudden standstill, as I was surrounded by cows! Like I said before, Jackass me never thought about having those darned cows wanting to share my garden.

Just ruined my brain fart of instead of lugging all that shit in the barnyard out to the crops, bring the crops here…save time…besides I hated pitching that manure out of the spreader because of a broken bed chain. It was bad enough to pitch it on, then the damned old manure spreader would break before chores, every time, so after milking it was pitch it out , fix it for tomorrow time.

Now this is when those kid things began entering my mind…the bike and fishing! After lots of screaming and some words a nine year old most likely shouldn’t even know ( or maybe that should be ‘thought he knew’, I got the tractor and plows turned around just in time for dear old dad to show up!

Thin I knew some words…should have heard his!!! Got taught how to plow for real a couple weeks later, right after all that shit got drawn to the fields and the old spreader broke umpteen times.

Most likely why I never did the Tour de France or became one of them Bass Pro fellers…

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