Hot Damned…

18157744_4shorts38506456502615_6543601307001175085_nMy shoulders are feeling the use of muscles I haven’t used since fixing fence last year…The pile of posts is going faster than expected so dug some out from last year that never got sharpened due to dull chainsaw chains and running out of time…they actually were my stash for building a new fence around woods and clear cutting…turning the area into a pasture for steers/bulls! I’ll probably have to use some of them but I hope not all…

Have put up two new sections, one with new wire, the other reusing the page wire that was there…Just took it all d own, cut all the brush, most of which was that damned multi-flower rose which is like blackberry bushes on steroids! My hand are beginning to resemble hamburger with nails…

Do feel on pace to wrap  fencing up by the end of the weekend…the actual turnout time for animals most likely will be the second week of May if weather continues warming as it has. Which, by the way, means tomorrow is the big day…I will be wearing shorts, hopefully on a daily basis til lets say November!!! ( hey, it is Carol…I snapped this photo right after he got up from the ground looking at something under the tractor–check out the knees!)

For a few days do not, I repeat, do not look directly at the legs unless wearing a welder’s helmet!! I cannot be held responsible for eye damage due to the brightness!!

Also have put my request in to Carol to check me for ticks, getting a little chuckle response, and a ‘yeah, Sure’ as she headed to the other room, throwing a pair of tweezers on the table where I am sitting…Okay, maybe tomorrow; if nothing else I can be persistent…don’t succeed, try, try again!!!

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