Thank you–Thank you!! from My Farmer and Me…

18198761_43last of shirts8550329831561_7867207826014133094_nHave caught up on the shirt orders…the last one and the biggest order so far, went out today. Thank you so much!!

Ed and I were talking about making a scrapbook of our Blog friends. So…I am making a small request: would anyone who received a shirt send us a photo nothing fancy, just through email, of you wearing it if possible, with something depicting where you are located. We are just amazed that this old farm couple has followers in some amazing places through out the world…yes I said world… Ireland, Italy, Germany and Hawaii, to name a few…

If you did not order a shirt, it doesn’t matter…please, if you have a moment, send us a photo, would mean the world to us… would love to fill our scrapbook and you all give us so much to be grateful for.

So, thank you for your interest in our lifestyle through the Blog. It truly means the WORLD to us,quite literally!!!

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