Yeah, over there…turkeys milling around by that hedgerow over across the hay field! One of the many things that is seen while fence fixing today. Only a couple of minutes later two deer come walking up the bank just ahead.

Then, as I was walking along, the remains of a deer coyotes must have gotten late winter and I think I heard it happen; see, if looking to my right there is the farm straight shot, give or take, quarter mile away and back after one of those late snowstorms came out of the barn on a full moon, cold night headed toward the house to  hear howling and snarling of a pack of coyotes…I swear they were right in the hay field opposite the farm house…I remember actually walking out to the road and listened to what now I know, was the downing of this deer!

As I was looking over the crime scene with the deer, two crows from my gang of five flew over giving a sound similar to a bark;something they don’t do often, which caused me to look up in time to see a lone coyote running away, a bit ahead along the fence line.

Get back to work, only to see more turkeys coming my way!! Continuing to do my thing, those four hens followed closely by a younger tom with what looked to be a six inch beard; strolled right by me about 40 feet away, not caring one bit about me being there pounding fence staples.

Another interesting day working on the farm, when taking time to look around at my surroundings! Even better when it is done in SHORTS!!!

Carol took the two photos above, one of Willie Peacock on the roof of the calf enclosure and the other of the once again returning Barn Swallows. Spring is really here….

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