Private Property…

18157389_439Ticck bite747279711866_9143502753469033927_nI noticed the first intruder this morning while sitting down to my morning coffee. At first, when reaching around rubbing my back at about the kidney area,with the lack of good feeling in my fingers, I couldn’t tell for sure! (photo)

After fumbling about the area with my useless fingers, was pretty confident it was a trespasser!! “Carol, is this a tick?”…As she and my son Jess located their tools of destruction my mind did a pat down of the body, seeing if any parts had that hot type feeling.

The only part answering the call was the tip of my left ear…Upon hearing ‘we got him’ I told the wanne-be doctors to check that ear…After a thorough poking and prodding examination, the diagnosis was negative, only a bite! Thank God for my empty head…one bite, he got nothing…jumped off!

Receiving a clean bill of health from my health care team and a ‘let’s be careful out there’, I headed off to work, ready to take on the world not knowing those treespassers were coming back with a vengeance!

All was fine during the day, at least I thought that was the case…Then during milking I started, well lets say, doing a lot of  adjusting like baseball players do! The more adjusting I did the more I knew more trespassers had arrived and this time they’re on private property!!!

After further inspection with  a flashlight in hand I went to find Carol, who was haying her calves for the night… When handing her the light and asking the dreaded question,’ is that another tick’, first came a loud scream, followed by lots of laughter and a ‘ you got to be kidding!’ I politely replied ‘just remove the damned thing,PLEASE…( no photo op for this one)

Remember the one this morning, simple one try no pain, gone? Well this one took three tries, lots of blood (different kind of tick), and yes pain!!! Haven’t figured that one out yet…

And for those calves in the calf barn where the procedure took place, don’t tell me that animals don’t laugh!!!


  1. I need to have a talk w Carol…..she could have had a lot more fun w those tweezers down there…….well….maybe they were too big….tweezers that is!



  2. When I lived back in NJ in the pine barrens, we used to do total body tick searches on each other twice a day. One of the fun benefits of having a partner!



  3. OMG! What a hoot! No way to post No Trespassing signs unfortunately! Carol might want to re-visit her prenuptial agreement! 🙄



  4. This is a little TMI for your daughter in law on a sunday morning but you grandson and son are going to have some wise ass comment about this.



  5. Haha! Seriously? You think the tick was the cause of the pain? Haha! Iì am thinking letting carol near the jewels with tweezers might have been a mistake…..hahaha!



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