18268594_44Rain697589616835_6143954789268801926_n…the topic  Charles E. Gardner, D.V.M. wrote about.

He gives his reasons why we should all  as dairy farmers, strive to do this, while admitting his idea may be offensive to some of us!

Offended I am not…just wondering why in his painting of his picture, not once did the debt farms carry and the lenders , that in this cynical old man’s opinion, may be a major root cause to the production problem!

The old, ‘ more money, more cow, cash flow, manage debt bullshit which creates the catch 22 price is up, product price is down , produce…yeah, real business savvy.

Another line in his article that states..  “the price of milk will be just high enough to keep enough dairy farmers in business to meet the needs of consumers, and no more”.

Why not get into the elephant in the room, third person, who is setting the price? Is it fair my milk goes to a processor who has his own store’s, he sells it in wither fluid or ice cream but is     pooled with the milk that may go to cheese or export all based on cheese class three prices.

I pay to truck my milk to market, get paid a month after it is gone, not knowing what the price I will receive is going to be! Being more ‘efficient’ will right all the wrongs…

To correct your thoughts again about getting paid like you did ten years ago, well try 40 years or more, cause we got better prices in the 1980’s; yes the 1980’than today!

I also see farms doing just as you say, in working real hard and doing very good jobs with their efficient endeavors…

While I also see stats on how one in six deal with hunger in the U.S…thousands of children don’t know where or when they will see the next meal and if not for school programs, who knows?

A world of hungry, malnourished people, natural disasters, constant conflicts!!! So…when you say the dairy industry will follow the economic theory of supply and demand…I say the key word is theory!!!

Here is my theory: we need all the farmers we can get to deal with the factual problems we DON’T face…

****  Photo: A rainy day on the farm, power out…thoughts of…?

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  1. Great thoughts. How sad in such a wealthy country that we have hungry children. As for the rest farmers and most Americans are being used by corporations. They make more and we make less. Sadly we seem to have no defenses.



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