Early Turn Out 2017…

It wasn’t our intention to turn animals out until most likely, this weekend. A change of plans came about as we got heavy thunderstorms passing thru the area Monday night. No way as bad a other parts of the country who are all in our thoughts and prayers as they deal with flooding and such…Our biggest problem was a twelve hour power loss.

Any how, with grass sprouting up so fast didn’t want it too big since one group we turned out are younger and don’t want the grass getting ahead of them, becoming what they call rank.

Five of the group of thirteen will leave in June and go to my son Chad’s to be used as embryo recipients from a flush they are doing on one of their cows that has done great on the show circuit (I think I have got it right)…

Regardless, when those five biggest leave, we have three possibly more smaller steers that we’ll take up in their place…Take grain up every day and will give them a bale of hay as long as they eat it, which could be a day, weeks or  all summer…Have noticed thru the years some younger heifers love their hay!

Did have to put in two fence posts to shore up the fence where one of the youngest ones we brought up got running being so happy to be out, she went right thru the fence…Kinda par for the course when letting out younger heifers…(another video)

Also opened the gate for Willie, our herd B.S. bull and his harem of girls to run in the larger heifer/dry cow pasture, but will call them back down every day for a bit of silage so we can keep tabs on them since some start calving in July.

Starting tomorrow(yet another video) the milk cows will be let into one of two pastures for them for a couple of hours every day, rotating a middle pasture with access to the barn where there will always be fresh feed! By doing it this way, where they’re not on just a grass diet can keep milk components up, making for a better milk check…

Now that chores will take up less of the day, putting in crops now, and haying just weeks away, who knows what will come out of the shop with all this free time!!!

The ever changing routine warm weather brings, wrestling 500lb heifers and haying…Wow, Carol’s right…I am an idiot…Oh No…Politically correct…day dreamer…


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