My Farmer and Me…Analogy time..

18222320_44generator0729956280265_1073006320830056312_nYesterday we had to run the generator, as the thunderstorms of Monday evening took out our power…it was out for about 13 hours.

While we were getting it out and getting the tractor hooked up to it, I was thinking about how this could be an analogy of sorts; so bear with me, if you please…

If you think of the little generator (which, by the way, runs the entire farm and house during these times of outages) as representing the world containing all kinds of people, from all walks of life.

Now think of my little blue tractor which enables the generator to come alive and power the farm, as people who grow all kinds of food for the world, whether it be veggies, fruits, eggs, meat, milk etc… and not just food…you get the picture.

The generator cannot do it’s job without the tractor to power it; look what it is capable of with the necessary means provided by my little Blue. This is how it works for Bejosh…other bigger farms have much larger generators that run on fuel, not the tractor like ours does.

In my head this analogy works…the world (generator) needs the help of the farmers, (my tractor)for food, to clothes, to trees for building, etc…or we wouldn’t get the “boost” we need to survive.  Am I right? Or way off?


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