Mother Nature in Action—

18157155_43swallows9542216399039_269172657505937954_nIn the form of something I have never seen before, happened today by the boss of the gang of five crows who follow me from job to job around the farm…

They come within feet of me when I throw bread out for ’em. I watch their skills at work, hunting frogs and mice, picking worms after a rain! They make me laugh when keeping a raven grounded by dive bombing him at his every try to get air-born.

They amaze me with their games of chicken played among each other by locking feet and free falling to just feet above the ground or a game of chest bump while soaring in a stiff wind.

But never have I witnessed one crow take down a full sized rat…What happened was while cleaning up all the plastic from the silage bags in preparation for plowing, out from under the plastic runs the rat…out across the corn field!

From his perch atop a pole at the silage bunker wall, Mr. Crow swooped in with  a stiff beak to the head, leaving the rat stunted and staggering…As the rat would try to stagger away Mr. Crow would give him another hard beak to the head!

Over and over again he did his thing, until the rat flopped over and Mr. Crow jumped on his head to do his best impression of a jack hammer! He knew just what he was doing and to top it off, after eating his fill, he covered what was left up with leaves and other loose debris in the area.

Next he flew up to the nearest tree to groom his beak and feet on some small twigs before coming back down by me for some worms for dessert.

When I got done and left to do some other chores he was still walking to and fro, picking an occasional worm… I am grateful for his help in controlling the rat problem, just don’t intend on joining him for lunch any time soon!!!

****Our group of barn swallows have returned, also (see photo) and have already repaired last year’s nest and moved on in…they like to sit in the door way and watch us milk sometimes!***

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