My Farmer and Me—It’s that time again…

I worked on the berry patch and boy have I got a bunch of new bushes started…seem to be sprouting up all over my little garden area outside by the driveway. We both like the berries, so maybe the new plants will be a good thing.

I also got the tiller out (Ed brought it out of the shop for me) so I can start getting my bigger garden prepared. I am looking forward to this project, but for some reason I feel like I am running short in the energy department. Hoping this will pass soon and all will be good; I have to get my onion sets in soon and want to start some lettuce.

I have two varieties of tomatoes started and so far they are doing well. I will have to thin them out in a day or two since some of the little buggers have 2 or more seeds in one cell in the starter box and they are all coming on strong.

Last year I also started peppers but was disappointed with the way they grew after planting them outside. So I am going to plant them directly into the garden this year.

Before we know it, Ed will be plowing and our busy time will begin. Need to have most everything planted by the time the corn is in the ground for the cows, as we go right into hay season and it takes both of us to get the hay in the barn for next winter.

I don’t help much with the planting corn for the cows…I may disc a field or something, but I do not plow. Ed does all of it. For the most part I do my garden at the same time he is doing the plowing and planting of the field corn for the cows.

For the most part, we work together the rest of the summer and fall during the days. A month ago I was hoping for this nicer weather and Mother Nature obliged. I pray for a healthy and prosperous 2017 season here at Bejosh. My father used to say you only get out of something what you put in…he was right! We are both prepared to do what has to be done, as always, I guess.

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