Road Trip…


1388Kaylah, Bud and Gwen6516_300423630310899_8955050506036831192_n

Guess who rode shotgun…Today  (Saturday) in Al’s truck… with Jeremy driving and their youngest, Skylar headed to my brother, Bud’s (pictured with our granddaughter and his wife Gwen last July at Kaylah’s graduation party) farm to get our seed corn that comes from Minnesota; plain Jane, conventional corn…No GMO bells and whistles and , I might add, way cheaper than what you can get around here, with all the bells and whistles!

—Almost forgot…Allison didn’t come, we just took her truck…had to add this in case Skylar reads this…the facts must be right! And Allison is her mother, Jeremy’s wife…

My brother’s place is in Little Falls; with traffic, close to a three hour trip, which meant a pit stop for lunch…no drive thru’s. Gives me a chance to give one of my Blog Business cards to the waitress, ask the manager if they have a board to put one on, , while giving him one along with anyone who may hold the door while we are leaving! Just my way of spreading more love in the world!!!

After lunch it was a short drive to Bud’s farm, where I was kinda shocked to see how worn out he looks. The last few times we’ve talked on the phone, I have been preparing myself for what I would see.

I have bragged about him many a time on such things, like when he never missed a milking for 35 years. Now my question is for what? To become a skeleton with skin? This poor guy has poured everything he had into being a ‘devoted to the animal before himself dairy farmer!’

As we talked while standing in his barn of great looking cows, many of which are red and white holsteins, where did the time go feeling dropped onto me like a storm cloud…We are the last two of the mommy, daddy and three kids I grew up with!!

Never having been that close to my parents or brother and sister, I can now see how my looking at the glass as half full did not come from any of them. Things can change, I may got have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of, my check book isn’t big, but I so know how to be happy; shit happens, shovel it up and go on…

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