So You Want to be a Farmer…


We applaud Mother Nature…sometimes!

Work those before dawn to after dark days…Seven days a week, including holidays…Be in the great outdoors on those bright sunny days as well as nor’easters…or maybe a cold rain downpour in early spring!

All these factors bring about a wide range of emotions but none will pull on your heart strings and form no bigger knot in the stomach than what I felt on Friday…driving up to bring the grain and hay to a group of heifers, just turned out earlier in the week.

When reaching the point where I knew their barn (shed) had blown over…at first I hoped for ‘it’s only injuries’ to perhaps a couple…as reaching the gate I could see animals in small groups in three different places in the field.

Jumping out of the truck, yelling for the calves to come, they came running from all directions so started counting as they ran across the pasture toward me…My mind spun in circles…one short…count again, might have missed one!

Walking to the feeder with grain, we all met there…could look over to my right to see the one that was missing…the building had blown over on top of her… Dilly was her name, a nice heifer with good genetics…easy to handle…just a nice heifer…she will be missed!

Having done this my whole life, can tell you …this never gets any easier!

But you are a farmer…so after feeding and making sure those other heifers, back to the farm. Told Carol …Dilly will be buried. I take the skid steer and Carol the truck… Lift the shed -which will be burned at a later date- off poor Dilly and take her down to the area where we buried the bear and Maria’s sheep.

Boy the stories those three have to talk about…Kinda like those you’ll have…if you want to be a Farmer!

***I did take photos for insurance purposes, but was torn about whether to put one up here…’something or someone’ intervened by not allowing me to send from my phone. I chose this other one regarding faith playing a major role in our lifestyle…we depend on Mother Nature for so much…and as every one else, we take the bad with the good. There is always that question of ‘why’, and we have faith that good will follow. Carol***

One Comment

  1. So very sorry for your loss, but happy that Dilly is buried beside the bear. I admire all you and Carol do every day. Farming is not easy and so sad when something like this happens. I never knew much about the life of a farmer until I started reading your blog. I must say it is so much harder than I ever thought and always some animal that needs your attention. Thank you for enlightening people like me, the hard work it is to be a farmer. It really never ends, but I love you and Carol’s enthusiasm for the work you do. Great blog as always.



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