My Farmer and Me…A sad reality

I know what you are thinking…these photos should not be on here. A bit too much for a lot of people, right? –the photo on the right is what Ed found and on left, after he lifted shed off from her–

After Ed and I had a conversation about these going up on the Blog (I couldn’t get them to go from my phone to the computer yesterday…took as a sign), I realized if people are truly interested in our every day life, these are part of it.

Truth is, Mother Nature saw fit to send high winds and rain to us on Friday…The heifers must have taken shelter(?) in the shed when Ed went up check on them and put out hay and grain, this was what he found. Also, wind took off the back of the hay shed just across the hay field from here.

Must have happened only minutes before he found her; body temperature, etc, indicated it had not been very long. Thankful it was quick.

Indeed a trial of Faith…and Hope. Dilly was loved for what she was…not just another animal at Bejosh…The loss is real and Yes, the manner in which she was lost is horrific!

But this kind of thing happens all over the world, every day. You just never know until you read about it. I am reminded of those poor, poor animals that succumbed to those massive forest fires down south…and to the farmers who had to deal with the aftermath.

No, your heart does break…in a way these creatures are a part of the family. We have taken care of them since birth and it is sad that given these sort of circumstances, a burial is the final contact. Not all farm life is a Norman Rockwell or Grandma Moses painting; that part is wonderful. But turn that painting over and really look at that blank canvas…just picture what happened here. Reality..

Apologies to any one I may have offended…but this is unfortunately a part of every one’s life. Just seems more with this life style…we can’t always protect those that mean the world to us, whether it be human or animal but we do try like hell to make it as worthwhile for every one(thing) as possible.

Some of the our posts over the last year have talked about loss here on the farm…Ms.Uggie, Maddie, Rudy, Mama Says, to name a few. No sympathy, please…just understanding where we ‘come from’…


  1. With all the love in the world you cannot control nature. Sending sympathy to you both, It is clear all your animals have wonderful lives with you ! xox



  2. As always nature does often make decisions that we don’t like, in this case, wind. We have no control over that. This is real life. So not offended, but touched by the Gulley way of handling it- I felt your sincerity about missing Dilly and the mention of the burial with the bear. I always feel your deep compassion and caring about life. You are my daily lift. Thank you.



  3. Sorry for your loss. As you said, a part of farming. I for one was not offended by the picture. It tells the story of what does happen day to day. I myself have often wondered about all the cattle you see in the Midwest when a tornado happens.. What happens to those cows?
    P. S. I love your blog. You both tell it like it is.. and I like that.



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