Return Policy, among other things…

The 8th and 9th were the days the inspector (NYS) would be coming around and 25 dairy farms shipping to Stewarts…my milk processor…would get picked. At just after 10 yesterday morning, while our milk truck was picking up our milk…guess who?

Carol and I were actually glad she came; we felt things were looking good. Our goal, maybe even this time, is to get a 100 score! Thru the years we’ve been with Stewart’s, this every 18 month inspection from farm to processing plant, we have been picked twice, scoring 95 and 99… Too bad the effort we put into being clean and presentable didn’t pay off with better milk prices!!!…Which, by the way, are falling once again, so please every one, have an extra glass of milk!

Other happenings during this cold weather has been the return to the barn of one younger heifer that still hasn’t figured out how to stop when she comes to a fence…instead it is like she gears up to over drive and barrels thru! Being young, I thought it better to go back into the barn so as not to make this a habit…It may a little extra work every day feeding and cleaning her, but much better than a knock on th door during the night with all of them out!

Now, if only we could lock some of this rain up; until later, after the crops are p lanted, which won’t be any time soon…a forecast of rain right thru the coming weekend…when we will most likely be sprouting feathers…

Which is what those new babies out on the water in back of the shop will do…Yes, new babies, year six in a row…looks like 6 little ones. Carol will be snapping photos soon!

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