My American Gothic…AKA Stir Crazy…


WARNING, SKULL and CROSSBONES, the annoying buzz on the radio before the “THIS IS A TEST” speech!

The following is a result of a farmer’s springtime cabin fever brought on by shitty weather, plummeting milk prices  in 2017 when the experts had predicted an up swing…You were warned…Hold on tightly to children and the elderly.

What I want everyone to picture, The American Gothic painting…now just turn the man sideways…every one got the picture? Okay… they are singing this song I’ve written; the lady starts then he turns his head toward the camera to sing the chorus …Then the ending, they harmonize together, hopefully.

Notice back there I mentioned camera? Well that’s my intention…to video this if that volunteer steps forward…From the photo above you can see the sort of people associated with Bejosh, little ones being funny and older ones trying to be, well…Am sure you’d fit right in…

The song will be written at the end of this post, I just have other info for every one first…The commercial/video on my idea with cows coming up behind me while drinkin milk, asking for a little help here!

Am still working on it, weather has been biggest obstacle so far, with cow cooperation a close second!  Be prepared, it will get done…In fact all three ideas with this format good, gooder and goodest (Yeah I know what you’re thinking) will come… I don’t give up easily!

Now, back to that soon to be number one on idiot billboard charts, remember, raise your hand and you could be part of this…I am not proud…I will wear a wig and dress!!!!

My choice of a title for this masterpiece is “THE FARM”… Okay, here we go

Want peas on your plate or milk in your glass? (Turning his head toward camera). You need farmers for that, yeah farmers for that…

Want ‘taters in your salad or ice cream with that pie? You need farmers for that, yeah farmers for that…

Want food for kitty or a wool hat that’s pretty? You need farmers for that, yeah farmers for that…

Want corn this summer to cook on the grill or a Mother’s bouquet on the window sill? You need farmers for that, yeah farmers for that…

Want burger on a bun or lipstick on that special one? You need farmers for that, yeah a farmer for that…

Want bacon thick and crispy or pretzels all twistie? You need farmers for that, yeah farmers for that…

(Together now, every one) It all starts here: Apples, wine or beer, veggies, milk or meat, cosmetics, clothes, even toothpaste…You can thank a farmer for that. Yeah…Thank a farmer for that! (the end)

…Good luck to all…my choice is final…BUT have not ruled out a big choir in the back ground…CHOP, CHOP everyone…To volunteer is good for the soul!


  1. Absolutely loved it …..I’ve got a smile on my face……. “and I needed a farmer that”…… 😀….Rebecca



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