My Farmer and Me…So, buy another one…

Really? Are you serious? Just replace her?

For some people, I guess that is the easiest course of action when something like losing Dilly happens.

I get furious when I hear that sometimes. How could I possibly replace Rudy, with his unique character…lost him last summer, but am not eager for a new baby turkey in the same manner Rudy came to us. Plan to purchase a few in a month or two to eat for Thanksgiving and have some for family members; I know, therefore I am reconciled to the outcome.

Could I go out and buy a cow or calf to replace the Brown Swiss above? No, I couldn’t. Okay they could fill a spot in our herd, but not replace another.

When I was told I could, by an acquaintance that I thought understood this lifestyle, I just told them that maybe they need to really SEE the people that we are and not just LOOK at us as fools for working so hard , only to have that possible type of outcome .


  1. Regarding “So buy another one,”-IMHO is said by folks who either don’t know what else to say or don’t appreciate how different “personality” wise each member of an animal species is to another of the same species-just like human beings differ person to person.(I can imagine what kind of thoughtless comments are being posted on Jon & Maria’s FB page about Red at this time.) I guess this is what happens when one posts a blog that can be viewed by the public. However, both of you please keep on posting. I’m off to have a glass of whole milk from my local dairy farm here in VT. Cheers!



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