My Farmer and Me–Spoiling Mr. Crow…

This guy is a great source of entertainment. Sadie has been sharing (she really doesn’t know this…may upset her) her crackers with Mr. Crow. He even had a mouse today , thanks to Ed.

Yesterday I videoed another, but I turned the camera after I was recording and didn’t realize it would be sideways  when I posted it…couldn’t figure out how to turn it, so I deleted it. However, it was a much better and more entertaining one…got Mr. Crow letting every other bird know he was coming in for more, as he sat in the large tree. Twice he called out his warning before flying in to retrieve his treat.

Oh well,perhaps next time he will get vocal  and I will catch it…

So happy it is a sunny day and my lawn will dry out. Haven’t mowed in two weeks so I gotta get to it or else Ed will have to do it with the haybine and we can bale it!!! Wishing Mother Nature would make up her mind, aren’t you?

Fields are wet for the most part, even our gravel ones. Have been doing some more catch up on other smaller jobs around here, so at least something is getting accomplished!

The insurance adjuster came by yesterday regarding the loss of Dilly; very nice, understanding woman with an interest in our way of life…got to show her around and introduce some of our critters to her. Was thinking I would have liked her even under better circumstances. Thank you Melissa.

Now we can move on from that accident and at least burn the shed while it is still a reminder. Kind of glad that we have been given some time before we can do our normal spring field work; don’t have to fit it into an already full schedule…good thing! Maybe I will just say a thank you to Mother Nature, instead…

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