Bucket list in reverse…

Yesterday I changed a manure spreader tire; they’re big, dirty suckers to deal with and it got me thinking…What about a reverse bucket list…things you never want to do again, like never change another spreader tire!

Never pick stones again, living on this gravel , every time you plow a field so many stones are there to pick! That would be just like hitting the lottery!

Wow…you’d think the list would come pouring out of me…like no more fence fixing or working seven days a week, but not really…I’d miss it…the fast pace…get it all done no matter how much it hurts mentally…I feel that is how you keep with it…both physically and mentally!

In fact, maybe one more spreader tire wouldn’t be that bad…but the stones I really think would.

So I guess my bucket list in reverse is more like a cup, while my real bucket list is a 55 gallon drum! Write a book…raise bucking bulls that make the PBR…have a pet crow that talks…track elk in Montana…shake hands with a bear (no hugs though)…teach Mongo to be ridden…make a big totem pole…invent the 36 hr. day…learn to speak German Dutch and ‘barn swallow’…Obviously fix milk prices…watch a tornado over open ground of course…play the banjo and fiddle…Get a good night’s sleep without getting up to pee !!!

On that note, before going too far in bucket heaven, good night everyone…

***The heifer pictured above is most likely our next Baby Watch…I thought for sure it would be today, but…Caught Ed and Shivers sharing a moment before getting busy to feed cows and heifers…that cat loves to follow us around and he would probably be happy in the skid steer, as well…***(Carol)


  1. Love your concept of a reverse bucket list. Shivers has grown so much. I once had a cat who loved to ride in the tractor and on the four wheeler. It was great company.



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