My Farmer and Me…A sweet thought…

18403155_4Lilacs45616959124898_1441229961211994952_nAfter running some errands today, I came home to find these lovely lilacs in the middle of the kitchen table. Who could they be from?…

I kind of thought probably a grand child had come by and pick them out front…Nope.

I went out to tell Ed my errand mission was a success and asked him where they came from…’from me to you for Mother’s Day’ was  his reply! Holy Moly!

No, I really wasn’t surprised…he most often picks some daffodils (already gone by) or apple blossoms were the thing for many years (not out yet)…Our lilacs are a bit early this year and provided a change of pace…aren’t they pretty? My Farmer has an eye for pretty things…and a soft heart, too.


  1. Happy Mothers Day Carol. You have mothered a beautiful family of two legged children and many four legged and fuzzy ones. All those you have mothered are so fortunate. Ed recognizes that and hence the beautiful lilacs. Plus it’s obvious that anyone who appreciates the living things around him like he does has a huge heart. Congratulations on another mouth to feed. What a beauty. Enjoy the day.



  2. Yes, indeedy, Ed sure does have an eye for pretty things, Carol. It’s obvious because he picked you for his bride many years ago. Happy Mother’s Day!



  3. I love the fact that he did this, what a seet, thoughtful husband you have. They are beautiful and Happy Mother’s Day. He comes across like a big bear when in fact he is a little teddy bear.



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