It’s just a ‘stage’…

17904170_432633177089943_7907138448255783506_nFirst, I would like to wish all the mothers out there the best day ever…A special wish goes out to the mother of my children, Carol….and my mother, who may not be with us, only in spirit and memories — a special good time where ever you are!

While Carol was away running errands yesterday, I picked some lilacs, found a vase among thee many different items in the shop and placed them on the kitchen table to greet her on her return. In years past acting on these impulses to be, lets call it normal, just boiled beneath the skin to never break through!

…Thanks to Jon and Maria believing in me on writing on our blog and my farm art creations, my soft underbelly now shares equal time with my gruff exterior!

That being said, I have some advise for any one whose mother is still with us, especially young adults with maybe grand children..Now my mother was somewhat of an exception to this…she wasn’t big on babies or real young kids…Mothers AKA Grandmothers pretty much live and breath grandkids…and yes, pictures in a text are kool but listen to this…GO SEE HER and not just on Mother’s day… ‘No time” bullshit as humans, we waste plenty of time…schedule it, you’ll thank me for it later!!!

You’ll never miss her ’til she’s gone, plus believe it or not, some day you’ll look, act and be in her shoes!!! You didn’t hear that from me and this post will self-destruct in ten seconds…


  1. I try to visit with my Mom at least once a week. No kids for me, but I make sure she sees her grandpups. I can’t imagine her not being with me.



  2. Well said Ed I tell my friends when they complain about there Mother or Father you only have one and when they are gone there will not be another one so be good to them and visit them as much as possible. I use to see my Mom and Dad every day and am so glad I did they are not with me anymore except in spirit and mind and do I ever miss them.



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