My Farmer and Me…Plus and Minus

I have been trying to make up my mind regarding the chicken situation…Do I want more or not…Just gave away 22 older ones and am down to 9…

Well, that number doubled on Saturday…A neighbor up the road brought these 9 down and asked Ed if he wanted some chickens…I guess my decision was made for me.

They have a good start…don’t need a heat lamp…that is a plus…no names yet, but I am sure there will be!

Now, on the minus side…went out to check on some animals this a.m. and spotted the geese and babies…they are short one…only had 5 that I could see… with the rain of the past couple of days and nights, it was hard to distinguish them and get a good photo.

This is not uncommon for them to lose at least one…just kind of heartening when you realize they have. Hopefully no more will come up missing!

It is really windy and cold here today, but I have divided my largest Hosta plant into 8 smaller ones and got them transplanted today. Am hoping they will thrive in their new locations. Also need to re-pot my tomato plants. I believe I have 28 that are doing very well, some with 4-6 leaves… Can’t wait for the fresh ones…

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