Modern Technology vs Pen and Paper

18555977_new goose?446903442329583_2123837823137435394_nSunday night my ‘aarrss’ was dragging so for the first time in I don’t know how long, I didn’t write my nightly post. My normal routine is to write at least one, sometimes more, every night and if all works as planned, Carol puts it up on the Blog the next day!

Sometimes every day life gets in the way, then they get put up a day or two later unless it’s a time sensitive issue;  she’ll omit putting ’em up, which means you’ll have to read the book when it comes out or maybe watch the reality TV show…What is it they say? Dream on…

Well, anyway, with no written post my intention was to do a video of all the different creations I have put together for Bedlam Farm Open House, or put it on the blog before hand… Well, all that modern tech one can hold in their hand failed!!! Not a damned thing, no video, not even pictures; until later then it snapped some photos…

So back at the kitchen table with my paper and pen will try to give a visual to some creations, with photos or video to follow soon…

First, have five different wind chimes; two being hung off ‘buggy’ wheels, one off a small bike’s rim and the last has an old dump rake tooth and horse shoe as it’s base…

Used silverware, jello cups and some small hand tools, church key and many other objects to make noise are  used for more chimes.Some metal signs to say a place is open, welcome and just old home sweet home…all hung or welded to horse harness parts!

Made a duck, sheep, metal flower, even a large hanging face…all based off objects found from the roadside to in the woods and by the brook while fixing fence!

Tried something new on the duck, sheep and flower by taking the netal I found and molding it by hand; then, since this metal is so thin, finding different ways to afix things together, kinda like molding clay as a kid with a twist!!

Still have my tin man and super blockhead, along with two more signs we are in the middle of, when torches ran out of oxygen!!…will most likely finish these up over the warm nights they’re promising coming our way…

Let’s hope tomorrow brings a video plus don’t forget Bedlam Farm open house, June 10-11… We hope to bring Silly Sal-ee at least one day!!!


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