My Farmer and Me…Grissom in the rear view mirror…

grissom18556154_446904885662772_716373104597709867_nGrissom is usually with me, behind me most of the time… Today he even went into the chicken coop when I fed the new chickens…just kind of stands in the doorway and watches the little ones come and peck at the food…

He also likes to ride in the tractor with me, but because he is such a big guy, sometimes it isn’t a good fit depending on which tractor it is…in that case he will just follow me to which ever field I need to be in …

He also goes and checks out woodchuck holes, moles, rabbits and yes, snakes…As long as he leaves them where he finds them it is okay with me…can be very entertaining at times. He just always seems to have one eye on what he is doing and one eye on me…kinda nice, actually!!!


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