Busy Day…Still no videos…

Started yesterday off by coming up with a plan on what to put on the outside wall of the milking parlor area for the morning glories to grow up on and around, since so many grow among the lilies there. With that plan in mind will put in place hopefully before they get too far along…

After morning chores and checking on pastured animals undertook the task of getting 4440 and 4020  running and the plows hooked on…We only run as few tractors in the winter as needed so the 4440 and 4020 haven’t been used all winter.

Yesterday, I did a once over, then today made sure to clean all connections while double checking the batteries…with some bleeding of the fuel system in a couple of different places, the 4440 fired up. After letting her run for a while to check every thing out and some help from Carol to line up the plows, off to do that strip across from the freestall, with fingers crossed for success…

No surprise, even my gravel ground is still wet but plow-able, so did the whole thing to make sure everything is a go. My intention is to plow two more strips close by then plant those three with a couple small areas in them for sweet corn to have it earlier for our little veggie stand…at least that is the plan with this dry hot week ahead…

Damned what a day  to not have video access; with warm temps, bright skies and me in my camo shorts with sunglasses on!!!

I just know that visual will keep everyone coming back, hoping for those videos and photos AND more summer-like weather!!!

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