15541152beanie-and-jockey_372947579725170_8275690691304605868_nDo we really need a flyer with big pop-outs on $500 dollars savings…no interest for two years on my pre-plan to ease the burden on my loved ones…?People, it is the last thing I’m intending to do and to tell the truth, really NOT in any hurry to set a date yet!!!

Does that trip to the mailbox hoping to see just possibly good, maybe a refund check, or someone, God Forbid, write a letter…

No, it’s save on motorcycle insurance…fool, I don’t even have a motorcycle!!!!

Three trees worth of nonsense for everything having no real worth other than that to make garbage something we might just have enough of…

Hey, just an idea…all of the junk mail must be made from re-cycled material AND if it’s something you don’t want, goes back in the mailbox to be returned to sender!!! They have ‘return to sender’ stickers at the post office, then just maybe in time, they’ll pull an Elvis and leave my mailbox as he left the building!!!

Damned fools never got told to respect their elders, must be…

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