My Lip’s bleeding.

18268238_4Barnaby and BLT41721576181103_5577083678362713727_nMost possibly many ears will be ringing by the end of this post, calling people out!!! Let’s start much earlier this year when asked the regional milk equipment dealer to have his route truck stop, since he goes just over the hill, say maybe 2 miles away!!! Yea, we’ll have him stop with these parts for you!…a very small order…forty dollars worth of gaskets…on his trip thru next week…

I guess next week is still coming…should be thankful parts came vial mail! No sometime as Forrest said,’shit happens’ BUT I have asked the boss man up there to stop by! Instead of excuses, or should I say lies, just flat out say no…

So I took things into my own hands and called a dealer farther away who has picked u business in the area…and I think we know why…Great, he had his route truck stop, we talked, got prices to compare…said they would be back thru the area in a month and stop…never did!

Why tell someone you’ll get back in touch, then don’t? Make an excuse and stay away…lie even then when asked for a reference, I could say I don’t know, good or bad! Jerks, from your own doing…sorry that’s reality or should I say accountability…

More recently, the inspectors came doing inspections on Stewart’s farms and the processing plant,for a combined score! Was told Stewart’s got a 95 and that they think we got a 99! Just a suggestion and here, again, feathers will be ruffled!!! My 99 was just a small reason Stewart’s got 95 ’cause of our small size, BUT here again I was a positive asset…

I am a human who works hard at his craft and that benefits you…don’t think size or wealth should dictate mutual respect!…Just wondering, should I shower more, or am I just not that likable???

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  1. Sorry to say Ed but it’s nothing except that you aren’t a rich man – money wise at least – and as we all know lots of money talks. Unfortunately hard work and honesty aren’t rewarded. Kudos on your well earned 99. At least you can look in a mirror and not feel guilty.



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