18519659_4Corn jabber48217798864814_3423058339939106535_nThursday night, and we are out of power, something that is becoming  oh, too common over the last few weeks! Per normal, these things happen on days already full to the point you’re not just a few minutes behind, but hours!!!

Seems like a couple days ago but was just this morning after breakfast, Pete came over to get a corn jabber ( like the one in the photo)…to plant his sweet corn. One of many things can video if only could get Carol’s phone straightened out…this new tech bull shit is good if you’re not an old tin can and string kinda guy like me!!!

nyway, before the latest blackout that came around 8p.m., as had just finished eating a late supper to head out to get the cows and milk! Why milking 2 hours later than normal??? Well, between cleaning out the fuel line on the 4440 to finish plowing field number 3, getting the 4020 running to bring over the discs to grease and check for problems, fix problems, etc…. with intent to let Pete, remember Pete earlier in the day with the corn jabber…well, he offered to help with some crop work to repay for usin the jabber and just because he wants to!!!

Plus almost forget about getting an area ready to put fertilizer I’m getting and yes, I still get mine in bags…a starter to get my corn off to a good start!

That neighbor who came for gravel which was more time to take skiddie up to load his truck than the other neighbor who came by to set up time on Sunday to come down to get two loads for his driveway, then finally, the neighbor who hired me for skiddie work and a load of compost, which I had to give him a four day window in which it would be done!!!

Just maybe I should practice my ‘no’s’!!! How does it go…chances are somewhere between slim and none!! After checking out the windows to see nothing but dark houses in the distance and the clock about to send us into TGIF, I think it is time to pull the plug on the generator and chill!

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