My Farmer and Me…Where was it?..Busy day ahead…

4 babies18556120_448440238842570_7052832019448786175_nOkay, so where were you hiding the other day? Only three with Mom and Dad two days ago, so thought we had lost another one….Well, it is found!!!

Busy day ahead here…regular chores, getting some food together for a neighbor/friend family who just lost their husband/father…invited to Grand March at H.F. Junior Prom where my grand daughter, Jayda is a sophomore and is attending with a Junior…exciting…

Another grand daughter is going to one in the next town over, but not sure on the schedule on that one, so accepted the other invitation. Have a great time, Olivia.

Was hoping to work in the garden, but Ed says he has to disc it because of the grass already started. Ok, so I will get some seed in the ground tomorrow…still have tomatoes to repot, also. I guess I may be rushing it, given the weather lately…

Have a good day everyone..

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