My Farmer and Me…The Prom Girl!

18557226_44Jayda8934205459840_2367129396503474744_nOne of the many perks of being a Grandmother, is being able to be a part of the bigger moments in the kid’s lives…when time and the farm allows me to be…

A few days ago, I was invited to join Jayda before the prom (she went with a Junior, Chris) to get some photos and just generally take in this pretty girl…I don’t generally like to have my photo taken, but made the sacrifice…then attended the Grand March at the school. Makes me feel old, as a few of the attendees were kids of some kids that went to school with my four…

So glad to be asked to go and watch…next year she will have her own prom along with grandkids Olivia and Jordan…All three at different schools, by the way…can only hope they are not all the same day…Goodness!!!


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