Woops, Late Again…

18671227_4489Silly girl14195461841_2686274801832989762_nAs a youngster, I heard all kinds of ditties about when to do this and that…One common saying in our area by the old timers was ‘plant corn when an oak leaf is the size of a squirrel’s ear’!! By the looks, with the heat and moisture we’ve had last couple days, I’m late again, pretty much the Ground Hog Day scenario I find myself in most every year…

Most likely if I was looking at a few hundred or thousand acres instead of my, maybe 40, would most certainly be in he-bee-gee-bee coma…Expert get me out of this shock!!!

For me, Mother Nature rules when she’s ok with it then corn gets planted!!! That is why today (Friday) after the heavy rains of last night (Thursday) my focus turned to cleaning outdoor calf pens and moving calves around!

Not sure if being up so late with power outage then waking up to still no power made me slow, but the calf project took most of my day! Hoping with power back on my nights sleep may be enough so as tomorrow the plows will be back in the ground and just maybe will get the discs fitting up some ground which means may be planting corn in a couple days, Mother Nature willing, of course!!!

***Silly Sa-lee is still silly after moving her to the bigger area and different stall to run into…did this in the feeder when she was out in the shed area, too. I guess she likes to feel tall?>?

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