Better Start Building Barns…

HayThe old saying goes, ‘wet May, barn full of Hay”!!Well, hot damn man, at this rate my barns are full just watching it growing, plus the week’s forecast is for more rain; them there forecasters are talking heavy downpours with gully washers later this week!

As for today (Sunday) we were dry, most likely tonight we’ll get dumped on pretty good.,.So with chances for big corn planting acres or baling any hay today turned into an overdrive day!

Starting right after breakfast, the guy showed up for his gravel! The plan was he needed two loads, so my barter plan was buy two then deliver one for me; the third one is a bonus since you always said you like keeping extra around!!!

With a flat tire on the trailer as he left with load one, discussing the barter plan never even happened. That is okay, haven’t even done the skid steer work where the bartered load was headed!..Somebody was telling me something with which my intention was to listen…

Back to the farm I went diving directly into getting the corn planter ready! First, some bearings on the discs that make the trench where the fertilizer drops into the ground needed replacing…After grinding off the rivets that keep the bearing holder and disc in place I replace the bearings which I have plenty of since it’s routine for me to keep old ones when discs are replaced when worn down to under so many inches diameter and rivets, have plenty from back in the day that sickle bar mowers were the norm…; things like this happen on a planter in use since 1980…

One grease fitting needed replacing, won’t take grease, chains oiled, some tightened, changed planter plates for the sweet corn seed I have; it’s a go…

Knowing all the rain coming this week, went over to get the area by where feed bgs were in the field opposite the freestall….

As I was almost done, Jon and Maria drove in over by the house, so tractor shut down,,,it is time to go harass my brother from another mother. After some good laughs and Maria giving me a thumbs up on the creations, THANK YOU for everything and Jon, bring back anything  that you say is broken… I’ll turn it into something else and sell it back to ya again; or even better, I’m hungry…take me out to dinner gain!!!

After they left I turned to Carol and said I’m going up to do that skid steer work I promised to a fella up the road…today is day 4 and I promised… For some reason my decision was perfect; it took only half as long as expected, so I was able to get back and finish fitting up where wanted to plant the sweet corn and did!!!

YES, got corn in yesterday, may have only been sweet corn, but can always sell it and buy grain or hay, maybe even some silage for the cows…

Just kidding…feels good when the equipment works, jobs get crossed off the promised list, along with seeing good friends; now that’s a hell of a day!!! Best part, that flat tire may have cost me selling another load of gravel but…I did’t have to change it…SWEET!!!

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