What the Hell…

Willie in free stall18699978_449723825380878_6193747566974266523_nEvery farm publication I read more rumblings on over production along with calls for more cooperation between processor and producer!!!

Yes, to blow my own horn, I have always said this abundance of milk is not a YOU problem, it’s an OUR problem!!! Also, it is not a one size fits all…Each processor and it’s farms is a unique situation…not a cookie cutter copy!

Will one processor step outside the box? Is there an up and comer who will re-invent the norm? We see it in so many other walks of life… Will it start with something simple like instead os the label ‘whole milk’, mark it 3.25%…That is what it is…NOT WHOLE FAT!!!>>>So 1%, 2% and 3.25% period…

Will dairy become cool again? To someone like myself who has spent his whole life devoted to dairy, seeing it succeed is in my blood!!I want to discuss changes and solutions.

Let’s stop pointing fingers, instead how about processor and producer solve what the government has failed at? Is not the goal, now that natural, real, local, all those types factors major drivers from the consumer’s side? What are we thinking?

Is not the customer always right? What the hell, living with these dumpster milk prices roller coasting from month to month…the constant ramping up production for the world demand that may be there BUT per normal, those elephants in the room continue to rear their ugly trunks full of a strong dollar, the world milk glut and all the same old shit we’ve heard before!!!

Like the latet with Canada — here in the U.S. we can put ourselves first while in Canada they can’t… No what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, they should look out for their farmers and down here we help ours with ways to keep production in check!!!

Let’s be Real…small producers like myself will more often than not be the fat that’s trimmed…

Again I say it…size or how indebted you are to your lender…my other gripe…make interest payments with marginal milk prices and you’re a cash cow…no pun intended! It should in no way dictate true worth.

With the consumers becoming generations away from the farm, my Grandma Moses painting type- farm is an advertising gold mine…true business wealth

***Even Willie can get along with the cows…


  1. Very well said. Unfortunately corporations value quantity and not quality. For them the quantity is $$$$ – for them.



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