18519954_44Shivers5616932458234_2969240807303450956_nAs is normal, started my day checking my feet, since I have little feeling in them and being a diabetic don’t want any surprises! So check and grease ’em all up, put on my panty hose, always on the left leg…right leg only in colder weather.then go pick out the driest sneakers for the day;would prefer moccasins if I could find them locally made, like when I was a youngster! Best footwear ever owned… like walking barefoot, the best way to go…

While doing this routine everyday my mind goes thru it’s ( lets call it)pep talk to the rest of Eddie…Kinda goes like this…first it reminds me you’ve never grown up; too late to start now…no matter how much you hurt right now, sicker cats than you have gotten thru it…remember, some one is always worse off than you…older just means adjusting to your abilities… you can still move those stones along your path of life so don’t forget to help those who can’t…If your fruit tree bears abundantly, share it…we are all the same so live that way…

Most importantly of course, tell everyone to give me you heart, your soul and your pocketbook and I’ll save you today….

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