Toys and Time…

trike18740645_451374011882526_943476765108415139_nBreakable plastic, they’re made overseas so the paint most likely contains lead…Oh the sharp edges, they’ll get cut, shaped like that it will poke an eye out…that piece will break off, swallow it and choke…and the list goes on…

Hey when I was a kid, I got an old wrench, maybe a hammer with half broken handle, fill your hand with slivers, then hit yourself in the head, little man. I survived, never even went thru concussion protocol, amazing!

Now I am not saying go bu y anything, but rather think outside the box…maybe an old kitchen utensil, a safe one Not an old knife… Then when the kids are a little older, use their imagination with what nature gives you!

In case you didn’t know, if kids are going to get pissed at each other, which they will and will throw those toys you purchased  just as fast as they will pretend a small tree limb is a Star Wars light saber.

Broken up old pieces of boards and half rotten tree limbs for bats with squeezed up old baler twine wrapped in duck tape for a home run derby or a two kid game of baseball, where a fly ball over pitcher mound is an out and its just running to first then back home…Two player kid rules…

May have nothing to do with it, but I think  the imagination I have today was in part created by my games of pretend with the few kids…very few…in the area while growing up. Even had imagination enough to create friends that are most likely still running around the farm today…

In retrospect, how things have changed from our toys to the car ride to grandma’s!  It was nothing to take a nap in the back window or in the wagon part of the station wagon…would even throw your bike in there trying to ride it along the way!

Hanging out the window like a dog even riding with the dogs in the back of the pickup! Speeding down today’s major highways at 70 mph, hoping all that safety gear works or putt’in down that country dirt road at thirty, taking chances..Which is safer???

Our constant mind game with then and now!! Some call it looking in the rear view mirror….Yeah, that one on the dashboard somewhere!!!


  1. Right! I occasionally work with young wannabe “farmers”, called wwoofers. Just about everyone of them has absolutely zero common sense. And almost zero imagination, unless it comes to fantasy stories, Japanese comics, and computer games. The ones I’ve had around can’t figure out things for themselves. Left to their own devices, take them out of ther cities and suburbs, and they’re going to fail to survive. No McGivers in this generation!



  2. You are so right, using your imagination as a kid was the best entertainment. I remember using my mothers scraps of cloth to sew dresses for my tiny dolls, we lived in the city then. Never saw much of the green countryside.



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