My Farmer and Me…So just moving a bit slower…

18739867_45Ugh1682611851666_109116009343544508_nA couple of days ago, Thursday, I helped my farmer move some things around that needed to be put away, then held and helped him finish ‘shearing’ Beanie with scissors…

I guess the way I was bent over  doing whatever I was, pulled a muscle in my hip and lower back area…a short while after finishing up Beanie, I noticed I was having more and more discomfort and by evening chore time, it had turned into a harsh pain.

Did most of my chores and then Ed finished up for me…went in and laid on the couch for a few minutes…didn’t help..

To shorten this tale, let me just say I went to the doctor yesterday and was told I have the pulled muscles (in knots) and spasms, which he was glad to prescribe meds for… thankful for that.  Slept a bit better last night, with a muscle relaxer, so that helps and the steroid seems to be helping a bit today.

We are having some guests today, so am doing odds and ends to get ready for them. Gonna hang a bit low for a while…

So I guess I just won’t get my garden planted this weekend, perhaps just a bit of it I hope…Just cannot believe how painful this can be…would ALMOST trade this for heart surgery again…ALMOST…



  1. I have had a similar experience recently, just getting out of the car!! Have you ever considered a Chiropractor, I went to see one and had almost instant relief, no drugs. If you find a good one that you go to regularly (I see mine now once a month) they can work wonders. Don’t want to be a know it all LOL but thought it might be an option, mine solved a 16 year old recurring problem with my one shoulder in just a few sessions. Hope you feel better soon.



  2. I am so sorry you sprained your back. I know how painful this can be as I have this happen to me. Honestly, I don’y know how you and Ed can do so much work. Until I started reading your blog, which I really enjoy reading, I had no idea how much work both of you do. Hope you recover and can enjoy your company this evening and maybe tomorrow you can plant your garden.



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