Sing It…

plow parts18671073_451666635186597_7623701407136920264_nPlowing in the rain,la,la,la…Like most guys who haven’t got all their plowing done or even if you have, this constant rain, rain, rain is, shall I say, getting old!

With one last real heavy gravel field left to plow and pretty much bonkers waiting for sunshine; started up the 4440, began singing and went plowing in the rain… It drizzled just about all the time I was there. It plowed about as good as ever has for a field that is so laden with stones, not just smaller ones you can reach down and pick up with ease…

It’s almost like plowing into the bottom side of the great wall in China! We’re talking tractor tire size stone, the type that take a toll on your plows, no matter how slow and careful you try to be!Today, rain or not, was no different , just two more trips up and back down the field and the boulder filled hell-hole would have been done!!!

Nope…the what they call dogbone set up broke along with damage to the spring on the first bottom!!! Back at the shop I found all the parts I needed, then dismantled the broken plow bottom one!

While putting it back together lets say 10 years ago could prop the back of the bottom arm on my knee, so I could use both hands to line up everything and drive the pins in! Woe! that sucker is heavy and now know why my knees are shot!!!

With a big block of wood along with some smaller shims, got everything lines up and the pins in! Now, with one good push of grunt work, was able to get springs, new to these plows, and old set back on and everything tightened back down…can do that boney four passes with my fingers crossed, then I am down to one field left!

So with lets say,six days of no rain with maybe some light winds and sun, I’d be done with corn…Ah, hell, that’s only about 3 weeks later than what I had intended, then can start singing better late than never!!!



  1. My own concession to approaching 70 is that I’ve hired a part time farm handyman for the heavy work. Not that he’s a spry young hunk. He 60, but still more capable than I. Yah, I notice that I can’t do everything anymore. Looks like I might have to retire when I hit 80. Maybe.



  2. You guys amaze me .too bad you cannot sell raw milk . I an 64 and you amaze me what you do .Thank God we do not have rocks where we live. I grew up in central Iowa and the first time I came to visit my future in=laws I could not believe his disc did not have a single chipped blade. The thing that keeps me going my love of cows and milk customers. These people know where food comes from and they know quality . . you guys gt an atta boy



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