Took sometime yesterday to show a great bunch of kids, their Mr. Everything coach, Jon, Maria, Emma and Rock star Robin (who, by the way, napped thru much of their visit so I was short changed on my opportunity to take her into the shop for her choice of an old tool or wrench of some sort to take back to the city and add to her toy collection) ; fair warning, next time she is mine, one real made in the USA chrome plated wrench in her toy chest would be the envy of every kid in the city…All the kids seemed very happy with their tour of the farm…

Dogs were a great hit…Phil and Ms Kaye were nervous over so many people at one time; next time we will take smaller groups to see them, while others are listening to my ‘how to be a farmer’ stories.

Every one had ice cream and brownies, then a peacock feather to take with them,,,one young fellow said he was going to take it home for his sister! Those pure hearts of kids…don’t you just love it?

I had put field work on hold till last night after milking, when I got two more fields ready to plant corn in, so I could be at the farm when everyone arrived! Was just finishing up a sheep creation which was able to show the group, receiving a good review…

In retrospect, think the whole day should get a good…no REAL good review…

Photo 1. Playing with Putz   Photo 2. Posing   Photo 3. Playing with Lovey  Photo 4. Posed as mannequins…

One Comment

  1. You gave those kids a great gift they will always remember. Maybe they left you with a gift as well? Well done!



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