Play Ball…

18699756_45Ice cream for Mongo2805738406020_4825211260491423005_n…Or should I say kick ball! Yes, as Carol’s video showed, that is what the Gulley clan played…a rousing, get your heart rate up kick ball game after plated heaped with burgers, dogs, clams and all the fixin’s…

Absolutely I played that part of my parents want me to play, except my parents never gave a shit, just get your chores done when you get home!!!

So this part is something I wanted to do so bad, just go out in the field looking for 4-leaf clovers, maybe go talk to other players standing with my back to home plate, getting a hit then stand on the base and watch birds while the next guy hits….

With it all being just for fun, it was kool to get grand kids yelling ‘run Grampy, run’…now that’s not happening with the running gear I’m trucking around on!!!

It definitely was time well spent to get their minds off the ‘nose to the grind stone to pay bills world’ we live in today! All the more reason to find the thing that tickles your fancy and go for it!! Everyone backing off to play a simple game can clear many a cobweb from our fast paced routine to help us see what is really important!!…time well spent with the family…

All the chores we do every day like milking, feeding everyone, etc…got done per normal …in fact planted some corn, also loaded some gravel with no screaming, yelling or heart attacks!!!

Just so every one knows, I even helped with out door pick up after the game and back to the barn! Just a little toot of my own horn!

Here’s hoping your unofficial, official start of the summer season was as good as ours here at Bejosh.

***Mongo even got his first of the summer ice cream cone!!!

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