Rosetta Stone???…

18739628_Countries viewing453225028364091_268434832684355804_nG’Day Mate….is the extent of my quest to say hello and thank you to all the many people who have taken time to jump on the Blog for a look-see from places all over the world. (The photo shows today’s views through 9 a.m.)

It is truly amazing to this old farm boy from the Crik to have 39, yes I counted all the different countries or should I say people in 39 countries who have dropped by since the Blog started…and no, I’m not bragging, just astonished!!! Guess it ‘s finally sinking in when they say world wide web!!!

Hope I can continue to be worthy of your visits. If anyone ever has a question on what we do or might want something shown via video or post, you can write us through email — or regular mail at 10 Chestnut Hill Rd., Eagle Bridge, N.Y. 12057.

Just so every one knows, I have kept all mail, even envelopes any one has ever sent! This way, I have a way to reach people other than thru the Blog when I start mu Thanksgiving Day Open House / open meal / Blog celebration!!!

One dream have always had is an absolutely humongous, say ten acre field full of tents with endless food!!! Wouldn’t that just blow the doors off this little upstate N.Y. town?

Another Woodstock…”hey man, they closed down Route 68, man!!!” When the time comes, if you own and play an instrument, bring it and I’ll do my best Joe Cocker…”With a little help from my friends”…

For every one, everywhere… Welcome, Thank you, Come again and Yes, bring a friend or two…

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