Silver lining…

18838899_45weather map3276561692271_7179889199356672868_nIt has always been said weather can be the major driver behind milk prices…Does that mean this cold, wet weather in the northeast will summon in better prices down the road?

From the people talked to in the area, corn planting has been slow..from my own experiences have seen corn planting go on until 4th of July on years like this….People having enough feed most likely won’t be the problem it will be more quality…

Looking at my own hay crop the grass hay is already going backwards in quality, while alfalfa and clover still have small time period before reaching peak harvest…

A certain percentage of larger farms may have a year’s worth feed stuffs to make it thru bad crop seasons,, like this one is so far turning out to be in the northeast…

I would like to think the weather has a silver lining! My major concern is a mere 6% of all farms produce 50% of the total milk supply! As we have seen with WalMart, Home Depot and the likes, this big one stop shopping vodes bad on the small Mom and Pop like myself!

Which, ironically, is not the growing mentality in today’s buy local thinking!!! Guess one can do no more than keep his feathers well oiled, galoshes buckled up and keep paddling forward…Quack, Quack…

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