Those Little…

18765832_452Mem Day805741739353_4627063852553188213_nBrought five holstein heifers that freshen in June and July from pasture to let them start running with the cows! Two seen to fit in nicely size wise, while the other three, although not small, seemed it while standing any where near some of the mature Brown Swiss!!!

They seem to dwarf the size of MiniWheze, Simba, Sassy and Itsy Bitsy…Whether intimidated or pushed, or just plain running scared, have had to put two back in, luckily at different times!!!

It seems they scoot out through the bunk under the pipe rail. This creates the problem where if it’s lowered those big cows plus many more will have trouble getting to feed…leave it where it is and people will be stopping all the time saying the cows are out!!! For tonight made a makeshift, hope it stops ’em, cob job fix…

As gotten older, real fix-it jobs during the day I can handle…late day or at night, no so much…cuts down into my writing, stress relieving time!!!!

Ideas will run through my head tonight…the body has retired from second shift…and morning will bring an answer, plus tomorrow is auction day…win-win!

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