What Else Can I Do???

Tin Man18813392_453890268297567_1059811943414330482_nSo, yesterday…It’s raining and raining…chores are done…tried to get some compost moved with the idea just need two dry days and could plant pumpkins and squash in this area with lots of room for vines to run!!!

What happened?  Made mud, in fact almost got stuck on the level! So, not able to move, no way going to load manure, besides where ya going to spread?

Too wet to plow…don’t have my hay equipment ready yet, cause have been know to mow in the rain…IF…the next few days were going to be sunny, not another week of rain!

Do I go out in the woods to get soaked and cut wood for next winter?…Finish up the porch construction job? Would have to go get materials in the rain, which means tarping everything! Sounds like too much work with no return…

Do nothing…naw…that definitely too much work and absolutely no return…Got some painting to do, but that is really NOT a rainy day job!

Now, as my mind was running thru all these excuses, my feet were trucking me out to the shop! After finishing up what I was doing when torches ran out of oxygen, I began the Tin Man!!!

Had found some stove pipe in the old school house dating back to 1957 when it closed…perfect legs! When I left the shop for chores, he was standing tall from head to toe, just in need of some arms…After milking I went back out to drill some holes for bolting the Tin Man together!

Also started arms, after scavenger hunt to locate some parts! To find these parts peaked in on a place I haven’t checked out in a while!!! HOT DAMN!! Didn’t remember all this stuff was up there!!!


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