18835947_45five heifers4195678267026_4133766916122261638_nWelcome to June…And be prepared as my intentions in this year’s dairy month is to self-promote the dairy industry to such an extent that the glut of milk turns into a deficit…Single handedly, my own version of God said we’ll call it ‘ Eddie said’!!!

Along with getting the rest of the corn in, which by the way, I got another field in yesterday as thundershowers missed us..just a few sprinkles.

With weather looking as if it may be changing, although still staying on the cooler side, will get into hay season real soon, also.

Lets not forget Bedlam Farm Open House, second weekend in June, which I did say was dairy month, when every one’s drink of choice is milk…

Looks like my schedule for the dairy month of June seems pretty full promoting dairy farmers and all they do; along with all those great dairy products…milk, cream, yogurt, cheese, ice cream, butter, etc…Plus promoting new research on such things as completely edible wrappers for food made from milk proteins!

Taking all that waste out from our landfills…Now tell me ‘Milk’s not the one’!!! Not only tastes good, is good for you AND no waste!!! HOLY COW!

***The 5 heifers in the photo have joined the milk cows in preparation for a baby watch later on in the month…

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