1. Was that a red and white Holstein i saw You have some damn good cows Eddie. I used to work for Select Sires in Wisconsin Too bad everyone is not like you and Carol .We would not need social services. One of my buddies in Wisconsin said Welfare should be provided by neighborrs



  2. Hello all at Bejosh……..As a child, I was raised to drink reconstituted dry milk and could not bear the taste/smell. Due to that, I did not consume alot of milk. Now that I am buying for my own family, I only buy whole milk, real butter and heavy cream for our use. We cannot get enough of it and wonder if the circumstances would be the same if we were fed regular whole milk as children. At any rate……we are supporting our dairy farmers best we can and you can be assured that we will continue to do that! Thank you…….(to you and the cows!)



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