My Farmer and Me…Looking for the light…

dsc00406Perhaps the word should be sun…Looking for the sun…

I think probably a lot of people besides me have been upset with the weather of the past few days…Rain and cold. Tomorrow is June 1st and it feels more like March to me. A month ago I was sooo looking forward getting my garden planted.

I suppose I should be glad I didn’t actually plant it when I had the urge…because of the weather, Ed has had to disc it over yet again…but there is no sign of real flooding. Last year I lost just about all the first planting of everything.

So I tried not to be too eager this season…but now frustration has set in.  In February we had 3 days when I could wear just a t-shirt and one sweatshirt outside…On Saturday, I had that much, plus a hat and a hoodie on, also. I thought the hardest part was hurting my back last week, with muscle pulls and spasms and feeling like I should have known better.

Nope…today the sun came out for a few hours and I got down and dirty, planting some perennials that Maggie brought over on Sunday.  So, after having a surprise lunch with her today,  I was going to go to the big garden and try to get some seeds in…RAIN, WIND!!! Just don’t think it was in the cards.

Luckily though, Ed did get some more field corn in the ground. That is a positive…

The back is better, just nags me at night for the most part…meds help! So I guess there is always tomorrow and maybe no rain…I am ready to begin!

Perhaps we should all start humming that song, ‘Here Comes the Sun’

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