My Farmer and ME…Don’t need permission???….

18034322_4bejosh farm36709863348941_3717965382220615291_nAs Ed wrote about, the heifers decided to exit their pasture yesterday, when Ed was here alone.(thanks to Jeremy and Jayda for helping)

I had gone to get my hair cut and run some errands and of course, they took advantage…

I really felt worse for not being here to video the police escorting the eleven animals down the road…as you can guess, our animals are basically pets, so usually isn’t a problem to round them up. And wasn’t this time either.

Just a bit of advise to the ring leader of the cows on the loose…get permission next time to leave the premises. Think it through and have an itinerary of stops and the final destination should be one of accepting humans…as it was yesterday!! Just don’t entice people along the route to call 911…

Next time you could end up with a police escort all the way to the pokey!!!

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  1. Found you through Bedlam Farm, and the hubby and I are recent transplants from the city to a mini-ranch in East Texas. We still work full-time jobs in the Dallas area, so we don’t have any livestock. We do, however, manage our ranchette as a wildlife area for the state. It’s sooooo much work, but we love every second of it. I cannot imagine ever doing anything else, and can feel my body getting more and more used to the extensive physical demands. Not saying it’s easy – especially on those of us who are rather…shall we say seasoned? But I think the honest work in the mud and the muck amidst the bees and flowers, deer and hummingbirds, owls and coyotes, are adding years and quality to our lives. Love your blog, and since The Wizard of Oz is my all-time favorite, I love your Tin Man. 🙂



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