They called 911…

1388Checking out the baby...2516_299513693735226_3898741482741474785_nAfter morning’s normal milking and chores, along with a visit from two reps from Stewart’s, our milk processor just to talk some of the out of the box ideas on the future of the dairy industry…As you know a very important topic to me most certainly in this National Dairy Month of June, just saying…

Anyway, it was time to head to the field and prepare some ground for corn planting. First field I went to  is actually part of a gravel pit and it was so wet in the half closest to the cow pastures I couldn’t get it ready, but was able to prepare the upper half to plant.

Then went up to  to do another field where I could see the driveway at the farm from. When I was almost done with that field I noticed a car in the driveway. My gut feeling, with Carol gone to get her hair cut, some cow was probably out!!!

My decision was to go around one more time and if they were still their, I would head down to what the problem might be…old Murphy’s law at work again… Wow! when I came back around they were gone…let’s hope it was a false alarm!!!

After say, 5 minutes and my focus back to getting the field ready to plant, my son Jeremy cam pulling up to the field informing me a lady up the road called him saying heifers were running past her house, heading west!!!Jumping in his truck we reached the lady who called and from her description, they were mine, the ones that should have been in the pasture just one field over from where I was discing before planting.

After going up the road a ways more and now being, say, half mile away from their pasture, there they were…Luckily the people living there are raising two for their own beef and ours stopped to chat!

Jeremy, with a pail of grain took the lead as we started heading them back to the road, when what pulls up but a New York State Trooper asking if these were the escaped bovine running up Lincoln Hill Road. Yes, Officer, they are and shall be running back where, hence, they came, thanks you…

Yep, they called 911! I told the officer, who I know, sorry and his reply was don’t be, this makes my day and then escorted Jeremy with the bucket, followed by eleven heifers with Jayda, me and two other helpers we picked up along the way the half mile down the road to their pasture!!!

As the last heifers entered the pasture he gave us a wave and headed back to work!!! A first for Bejosh…police escort on one of our cattle drives!!!

Now that the easy part is done , we walked the fence to see where they got out!!! The whole back side of this pasture is swamp, so left that till last to check, hoping my sneakers wouldn’t have to pretend to be boots!!!

Like I said before about Murphy’s Law and false alarms!!! Feet wet, hell no they’ve turned into flippers. We found the ‘hole’ with maybe 100 or so feet left to check; seems the company cutting blow the power lines didn’t notice the wire and post they broke!!!

It’s bad enough when loose cows happen…from strong thunderstorms…BUT this?   Re-dick-a-lus!!!


  1. I knew you guys work hard and deal with problems I’ve never imagined, but I did not realize you had such amusing incidents in your lives. I guess humor gets you through a lot, that and the knowledge that what you do is so important.



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